It Begins

This is my Pastor’s blog, which I joyfully read daily. It is honest, with really good food for the soul; certainly for mine.

David Bahn - Reflections

It was a four-poster bed, high off the floor, a good climb for a three-year-old boy. His parents were faithful church-goers, and made arrangements for one of the more dependable maids to watch the office of the small mom and pop motel they owned and ran. He stood on his parents’ bed, singing Jesus Loves Me, as he got ready for Sunday school. That’s the way it was every Sunday. I can still recall that scene some 63 years later.

I am thankful for my parents’ commitment and faithful church attendance. I am even more grateful that they pointed me to Jesus from my earliest years. There was built a solid foundation that would never fail. Faith in Jesus, confidence in the Bible, and delight in God’s love for me would shape my heart and life throughout the years.

Whatever else I share through this unfolding project without this foundation…

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